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»How can I buy an MP3 song or album?
  To buy an MP3 song or MP3 album you need to with your credit card or PayPal. Then you can use the balance of your online account to buy single MP3 songs or a whole MP3 album.
»Do I need a credit card?
  You can use a VISA, MasterCard, or AmEx card. But we also accept PayPal.
»Is it legal to download mp3 songs?
  Yes, it's absolutely legal to download any song which is downloadable on kamuranebeoglu.com
» For how long does the download link stay active?


With every purchase you get a download link to download the actual MP3. The link is valid for 5 Days.
» Can I transfer the downloaded song onto my iPod?
  You can put the song on your iPod just like any other standard mp3 file.
» In what format can I download the song(s)?
  The songs are in mp3 format. The download bitrate 192kbps buy any MP3 song or MP3 album.
»For any question?

Email us here every time- thanks!
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